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tara. 22. "we know not what we may be."

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Jon Juarez is an illustrator, animator, writer and designer based in Donodtia/SanSebastian.

I wasn’t raised by wolfs… but it would have been nice. The pens and pencils brought me back to the civilization, it crashed to me. And by vengeance, I give it words, scrawls and disorder. Now, I will write and draw until graphite and ink give me back my wildness.

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For the longest time I thought when people said bae they were actually saying Bey. Like Beyonce. And I was like aww cute they’re calling their significant other by the name of our holy queen god bless.

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david bowie aesthetic in #95816C

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so my first week of work went really well?? like way better than expected. I had two days of teacher in-service and then three days of teaching class and I like my students and my english dept co-workers and I get to eat lunch with the art teachers who are all super cool and so far no one has been like “you are vastly unqualified to teach us” so that’s been nice 

and tonight I got my lessons done for tomorrow by eight and I’m not stressed out about anything in particular which is weird because I feel like I should be but I’m not I’m just here enjoying life for once which is strange and quite pleasurable

and it will be even better once I start getting paid because not being broke will be great and also then I can eventually move out of my parents house which will also increase my enjoyment of life not that I don’t love them but you know

I just feel like I have been trying so hard to be a teacher? and now I am one? and it’s exactly what I wanted and hoped it would be and I think I can actually do a good job and make a difference and yeah

it’s pretty cool

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i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 

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